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Fiberific!: Cables and Lace Throw Workshop

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cables and Lace Throw Workshop

We had the Crochet and Cables Workshop with Lindel, Flossy and Colleen..  I had such a great time!  We looked at how to crochet cables and lace which was a lot of fun. The ladies worked really hard to learn the new techniques, but I think that they had a good time.  By the end of the day we had covered reading patterns, crocheting cables and lace in both American and english patterns.

This is the ladies working really hard.

I am still busily working on the Mooloolaba Shells for my good friend (secret squirrel).  I am getting ready to start my next project.   I am a little bit torn over what I want to make next.  I am tossing up between

this one is the Peppercorn

and the other one that I am thinking of it

City Chic, I like it with the big buttons

I will probably end up making both, I can never have enough cover tops lol.  But I just can't decide on which to do first.

Have a great week and I will chat more next week!
Happy Crocheting!


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