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Fiberific!: November 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Noes Not Again!!!

It has yet again been nearly a fortnight between posts, Can someone please remind me that I want to do this weekly!!! Hey Chantelle, write a weekly blog why don'tcha!  I don't know if it is because I have been UBER busy or if I am UBER slack!  I am going with busy! I am not slack..RUDE!

I have been busily working on some bits and bobs for Jenny King Designs... Keep your eyes peeled! Nope lips are sealed, you cannot pry the details from me.. NO.. I am serious, you will just have to wait.

I have also been working on some sewing projects - Sewing? I hear you say, I didn't know that you sewed!  Well that's because it is not something that I do very often.  This particular sewing project is an Angel Costume for the Little Person.  I know I know I could have bought one, but I look a the commercial ones in the one wear category and think, even I could knock up something, so this time I am.   Hello White Calico and spotlight 30% off sale!

I shipped a nice big box to Charly aka Ixchelbunny, you know the snakes in a tin, well this box was kinda like that, peel up 1 piece of tape and BAM!!! You have been yarned!!!I know that she loves what is inside, keep an eye on her blog and you may find out what we have been working on!  BE PATIENT, I can't reveal all the secrets, then there would be nothing to look forward to would there.

So today was a great day, I was invited to chat to some Kindy children at a local school.  They have been raising silk worms gorgeous little zebra silk worms.  And the children wanted to know what happens to the cocoon after the silk worm/moth is finished with it.  So I took in the trusty little gem spinning wheel, and my basket of touchables.  I showed them a silk hanky and passed it around and spun some silk sliver for them, I had  'prepared' some earlier and  also gave the teacher a little ball of silk to share amongst the kids. Well the kids oohhed and aahhed appropriately so much so that I decided to let them all have a little go on my wheel, WELL they were chuffed with that and one by one all 22 children had a little spin.  I also passed around little bags, one each of angora, mohair, wool and alpaca.  I know, not silk related, but I think the kids were ok with that.  The kids had a great time, and so did I.

Oooh Can  you keep a secret, well Don't tell my LP at least.  I am setting her up her own craft box "KEEP OUT OF MUMMA'S STASH LP"  no I mean oh look you have your own stash with yarn and books and supplies.  And where do you go if you wants storage stuff IKEA of course. It will be all wrapped up as a christmas pressie so if she finds out I know it was you who told her.  So While I was out giving Megan her "How to buy Yarn" Lesson .....thats right it was a lesson, you ask her, we didn't just shop at spotlight, she learned stuff! She DID I tell you.  Megs bought her first project yarn some lovely red cotton blend, I believe the plan is a nice red Peppercorn I picked up a french knitter to add to LP's Craft Haul.  And as my Local Spotlight store is right next to IKEA we had to go in, so LP's Stash will live in here, the one I got has a lid

Also got her this one, for her needles and hooks and notions and stuff  
the pink and green look really cute together! I have been collecting up all her little crafty things that are about the house, and I will pop them all in here with her Drop Spindle from Daniel at Whorled Domination and her bit of roving from the Qld Spinners Emporium (Luckily mummy is a member 8-b)

Well I better get back on with some crochet! And so should you, that's enough reading, get out your project! Logging off.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mental Week

no really, has it been 2 weeks, I am such a baaad person.. I completely did not realise that I had not popped a post up for last week.  And so much has been happening!!!

Well lets start out with Miss Megs.  Miss Megs and I went to school together oh so many years ago, and we caught up recently using the technology of FACEBOOK...ooooohhhh I hear you say.  Turns out Miss Megs has always wanted to learn how to crochet, and funnily enough I TEACH CROCHET lol.  So we got together, and do you know what, I think Miss Megs crocheted in a previous life, she is a natural soaking up the single crochet like you wouldn't believe.  Believe it!  Meg has moved on from her single crochet facewasher that she has taken to calling Florida. as somehow it turned into a map of Florida, I know weird.  But moving on and so has Megs, she is now making Sebastian Le hamster, from Mr Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful, really it is the name of the book, I know Awesome!  Sebastion is on the left, handsome devil too.

oh and this is Miss Megs working so very hard getting started on Sebastian....ignore the chocolate... I said Ignore it... Oh now I want some chocolate!!

Moving on to other non chocolate related things.

Lincraft my local chainstore craft shop had a sale.  One I could not walk past.  Really who can walk past a yarn store sale.  If you said me, I doubt your sincerity!

Anyway I would like to Introduce the newest member of the Fiberific! Family

Heather Smallhead
"What have you done today to make you feel proud"
Well Heather, Heather Smallhead, I dressed you, you were Nekid! How Rude and now you have one of my t-shirts ( I only wish it looked as good on me) and my latest creation.  As in last blog post, Peppercorn, Designed by my good rockin' buddy Jenny King!

Well I need to crack on with the next outfit for Heather, and I am of to Jenny King Designs tomorrow, Road Trip!!! I love my visits, she has a new yarn called Winter Sun, apparently I must pet it and so I must.

Have a great week!