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Fiberific!: January 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ummm, Is it bad that I completely forgot to blog?

It is?.............oh fiddlesticks!

Well I have good excuses, well....I think they are good.  My little person only went back to School this week, which for me was Wonderful, I think she is happy to be back too.  I have been trying to keep her occupied for the last 8 weeks thats right 8 weeks holidays, that is too many days to be at home, and in 10 weeks time she has another 2.5 weeks off..... So standard holiday stuff, plus she has been knitting a scarf from some roving wool a friend gave her, and also working on her french knitting as she is going to use it to cover a headband, even at 6 she has more than 1 wip lol.

I have been getting into my garden again, anyone who has been here, knows that even getting near the garden is a feat.... it has been a tad neglected for a while and I am trying to remedy that, and the Little person and I have been growing some herbs flowers and our cucumbers are about to flower.

And Crochet, I have been crocheting up a storm!  I realised my Mum's birthday is next week so I thought I had best get a wriggle on lol. ( I can't give away any hints, because my Mum reads my blog, but after, I promise pics)

I am still working on my Ned Kelly Socks.... CHARLY, no pressure indeed! Knitting my personal projects does get back seated a bit, and then sometimes I just forget and start something else.hehhe..

Look see, I am still going on them, after the heartache of having to put out the needles and pull back nearly 15 rows on 2 socks then get the needles back in... I needed a rest from the heart ache, but I think I am back where I was before the trashing.

I have also reclaimed my love for the Audio book, while I am working away, I have been listening to the Dragonriders of Pern, so far I have finished one book and am neeearly finished another one.  That and Words with Friends on my phone.. I know bad huh, I LOOOOVE IT!! I loose a lot, but I don't mind, it is heaps of fun!  There is also photographic evidence (thank you sneaky little person photographer) of me crocheting away in the recliner....watching Deep Space Nine.  I know tragic, and guess what, just for that, no pic for you! Ha.....don't feel bad, I was never gonna put that one up! Oh no.

I even got some spinning done, I know shock horror.  My plan as of this week is to blog every Thursday, thats right every single Thursday.

I turned this
Into This

I have lots of plans at the moment, I am having some serious fun with some commission work, so I will keep on with that, but also this week, I am putting the studio back into working order, you know so that you can walk all the way in, not just to the doorway.  Maybe by Thursday I will have a picture that I am willing to share with the world. There will be NO before shots...just so you know.  Yes it is that bad. No it is, just trust me.

Well if all goes to plan, I will have a lot more to share on Thursday.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The UFO's are taking Over

Arrrgggghhhhhh!!! I have working on lots of bits and bobs of late, and keep back burnering all my personal projects.  My excuse and I am sticking to it.  Nothing what so ever to do with the fact that I get new yarn and absolutely MUST cast on or start crocheting!

I feel that I must be accountable for my Works in Progress or UnFinished Objects.  So in no particular order they are...drum roll please..............dadadadadadadadadada

Tims socks aka Charlene Schurch's Baby Cable Rib

Cream Cardigan aka Jenny King's Blue Wrap Cardigan

Purple Poncho aka Jenny King's Diamonte Poncho

Space Invaders Beanie Aka Catherine Paul's Invading Your Earspace

Lovers knots Wrap  I have no pattern for this one, but I have made it before, so this how it should look.....

Green Peppercorn in Bamboo Soft  Jenny King's Peppercorn

CrystalRose's Koi Gardens Shawlette

Weaving, oh dear the weaving, it should really go to the top of the list, I borrowed the loom from a saint 18months ago!! And I still haven't finished, it is not even a hard project, a couple of tea towels it just always seems to get pushed to the back of the pile.

Oh and Tims Saranac Jumper, this jumper honestly has been a very long time in the making, actually the knitting I have done only took a few weeks, but then it has been hibernating for 2 years, I wonder if if will still fit him? Hmmm.

I don't want to look for more projects any more... I know they are lurking in bags and crates around my house, they peer out and look at me, I shudder and they creep back and wait in the darkness for the moment that I wake them, finish them and take photos and blog about them, then they are happy there is no more lurking..... Until I notice them lurking in my wardrobe waiting to be worn and brought into the light again...the Lurking Cycle...ooooooo...

Then there is the queue, I am not going into what is queued up waiting to be started but Abbie wants me to make her an Aliyah we have even bought the yarn.  It is taking all of my strength not to start it until I have finished off a couple of the others!!!

Hmmmm.  Now I have a bit of a favourite pattern it is the Mooloolaba Shells by Jenny King, I love this top and I think everyone needs one, so I will be starting a Crochet A Long for it, any of you who have been wanting to make this top, NOW IS THE TIME!!! We can all do it together!  Come and give a shout out at

Mooloolaba Shells Cal on Ravelry .

Well I spose I had better go an work on 1 or 10 of my UFO's before they breed more.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012......what happened to 2011!!!!!!!

Wow, it has been one of 'those' years, that just disappear, well that is not fair!  My life since we last chatted has been a bit mental.

I crashed the Friday Girls Christmas lunch at Jenny King Designs, and then all of us Jenny King workers had our own Chrstmas get together, a gorgeous dinner across the road from the surf beach, followed by drinks and hanging out at Jenny's place.  It was just a fantastic night all round.  Next night was my husbands work party, and I did my bearded lady thing.  Can you believe that out of 1400 people and a circus theme, I was the only female beaded lady, there was a man,  but how can that count, I mean really??????

I decided on short notice to have a little holiday, which was the best thing I could have done I think.

I had a fantastic time with Charly of Ixhelbunny fame!!  Met up with the lovely spinners at the Spin and Eat at Linlydale.  Also managed to slip in a Spin In.  I had some much fun just hanging out and Chillin' patting bunnies (which are illegal to keep as pets in Queensland). 5 days away of quiet.  Who can ask for more? Now I kid you not, if you can manage to get to Charly's for one of her spin in's you have to do it, there are bunny's to pat and lovely people to chat to, I met some seriously awesome people!  And you don't have to spin, you can knit or even just chat and drink coffee!!!

I got home from my 5 days away and my Little Person was very happy to see me as was my DH.  It was very  nice.  My Little Person and I had one last chance to visit Jenny King Designs before they closed for Christmas, and LP found something instore that she just couldn't live without!!!  The Aliyah, the one I will make will be pink and orange my LP's to current fav colours!

While I was there, I got a task, keep an eye out, and I will eventually get some pics up!! And talk more about it, but for now it is a bit secret squirrel!  Oh and I might just have to make me one of these too

The Eclectic Necklace

We had Christmas with DH's family (2 hours south) then Boxing Day with my family (2 hours North West)  and then we have had some time at home.  We have not been lazing about relaxing oh no,  DH has been attacking the yard work that has piled up over the last year or so. It has been amazing,  LP and I now have vege patches and herb gardens!

I know this year has been one of many changes for our family, I hope that 2012 can be generous to you all,  I hope that we all get just a little bit more time to do the things we love, not just the things that need to be done. I hope that we all just get our fiber on!

Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012

Hapy News Years!!!