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Fiberific!: November 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretty as a Princess Finished!!

As you can see, I changed a couple of the colour choices as I went, dropped the dark purple and added a lovely blue. I made this using www.bendigowoollenmills.com.au cotton 4 ply and a 3.75mm hook.
I loved making this and hope that Abbie wears it, as I would love to make more.
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Pretty As A Princess

I am using the Jenny King Pattern Pretty as a Princess, this pattern is awesome value, it has sizes for girls aged 2-14 years old and 4 different styles of edges. I am using the pattern for age 6-7 year old. With the bobble edging. So all pieces made, ready to assemble. Oh pattern is available here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pretty-as-a-princess
Ok got it all assembled, ready for edging, trying to work out colours
These are the colours Abbie chose. As you will see the finished garment went slightly different, I used a lovely blue instead of the dark purple and didn't use the other pink at all.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Mystery Round Pillow

I still have a couple of tops and things of that sort to pop up here. I am waiting on a yarn order, I am designing a new blanket for a workshop in April at QSW&FA. More details are coming. But instead of not starting anything new, I am gonna have a look at the cushion my DD teacher bought at a thrift shop. I can't seem to find the pattern, so I am just going to reverse engineer it. If you have any ideas where to look for the pattern let me know!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Derek Bag

Derek bag was made as a swap gift. The pattern is available from ravelry.com.

Surprise Jacket for Baby

Surprise Jacket for Baby, was made as a gift for one of my daughters friends newborn little brother. I used Jenny Kings pattern, which is available from Ravelry.com or jennykingdesigns.com. I used Bendigo woollen mills 100% wool.
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Phoebe Jane Vest

I have now made 3 Phoebe Jane vests, 2 as commissions and 1 for me. I realised I only have photo's of this one. I used 100% Dk from Spotlight and 4.5mm hook. This pattern is available for $6.99USD either from Ravelry.com or Jennykingdesigns.com

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Harlequin Shawl

The Harlequin Shawl pattern was so lovely to use, the Kauni Rainbow came up beautifully, I am very happy with this one! I will work on getting a photo with it not in blocking wires.
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Inca Jacket

Inca Jacket, designed by Jenny King I love this top, used New Zealand Wool Te Awa Wool 14ply and a 12mm Hook. I worked this up in 3 days.

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Seraphina Shawl

Seraphina Shawl came from the mind of Doni . I made this one for my mum, 100% Australian wool from Bendigo woollen mills. This one took some time but was so very worth it.
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Love Me Mary Janes

These beauties where made as a pattern test for Theresa Grant I used sockweight yarn that I had dyed using food colouring. Love the marled effect of the dye, These Love me Mary Janes, still get popped on little feet to run about the house in.

Soft Serve

Doris Chan Soft Serve is published in her book Everyday Crochet. I made 1 small change for my Soft Serve, I do not like ties, so I left them off. I love how you many sizes are available for Doris' patterns, makes them available to nearly everyone!

All Shawl

Doris Chan has many wonderful patterns and is also very generous, she has made the All Shawl a free download. My Silver All shawl was made with a few modifications, mostly becuase I ran out of yarn, it made a lovely shoulder wrap for my friend who it went home with. My little model was very dissappointed when she realised that she didn't get to keep this one.
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Pastel Rainbow Teacosy

This teacosy was created due to necessity, I had no teacosy to keep the tea....cosy.... If you are interested in this pattern please let me know. I used Spotlight Harmony and 4mm hook.
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Wineberry Meret

My lovely model has on a handknit pattern from Woolie Wormhead 'Meret'. It is a free pattern, it was so lovely to make, this one was made for the Pink Table at the QSW&FA Open day in 2009. I used Bendigo woollen mills Rustic in the colour Wineberry. Hence Wineberry Meret.
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Cerric The Horse

Cerric the Horse is a pattern test for Inner Child Crochet using the Sweet Little Horse Pattern. This pattern is available for purchase. My Daughter loves her horse, and named him Cerric, I have no knowledge where she got the idea from, but it seems to suit him, don't you think? I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease and 3.5mm hook.
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Diamond Hat

I made this Diamond ridge hat for my Mum for her birthday. I used Diamond Ridges by Kristy Ashmore. And 100% Australian wool from Bendigo woollen Mills.
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Knotty Pines Scarf

The Knotty Pines scarf was made as a pattern test for Rachel van der Hoek, it has gorgeous texture and the pattern had excellent photo tutorial. Loved making this and will make another one soon. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease and a 4.50mm hook.
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L'il Red Bag

I was given a copy of Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton as a Birthday present from my best friend, this little bag is the first thing I made out of it, another handy resource to have.
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Purple Round Ripple

The first week of December 2006 I finally decided on what I was going to do for my mum for Christmas, a Round Ripple Afghan. I knew it was a herculean task when I decided to do it, but somehow I managed to make a queen sized Purple Round Ripple afghan in 3 weeks. Lets say I didn't crochet for about a month after this as my hand was very sore. I got it washed, dried, wrapped and under the tree 1 hour before my my mum came to visit, and she did all the right oohs and ahhhs it deserved, I felt very content that afternoon. The pattern I used was from Sew on Fire Ministries for a baby afghan, I used various DK weight acrylics and a 4.5mm hook.

Rainbow Cardi

I made the Rainbow Cardi using an old baby pattern, I used a much thicker yarn, and larger hook to get it to fit my then 2 year old. She is now 5 and it still fits as a little bolero.

Piggy Beanie

The Piggy Beanie was made for my new nephew, I bought the pattern from Crochetroo's Etsy Shop. It was a lot of fun to make and really how cute is it!! I used Spotlight Acrylic and 4.5mm hook

Solomons Knots wrap

I made this wrap of Solomons Knots or Lover Knots for My Mum. Purple is her favourite colour in the whole wide world, so I made it in some Purpley Grey (can't see much purple here, but it really was there) mohair acrylic.

Peonie Duffle Bag

The Peonie Duffle Bag is based on the pattern designed by C L Halvorson. I did make a fairly major change, instead of using the Daisy square pattern, I went with the Peonie pattern, which I found in 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I find Jan Eatons instructions to be really clear and very pretty, this is my go to book when I am making throws and afghans.
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Bunny in a Dress

Bunny in a Dress was made at my daughters request, bunny now has a couple of dresses, all the same, but using different colours and different buttons. The pattern for Bunny in a dress is found in Mr Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful, by Narumi Ogawa
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The Stylin' Tote Bag

The Stylin' Tote Bag
Crocheted as a pattern test for Cathy Phillips of Caps Crochet
Made of Lion Brand Cotton Solid. I really enjoyed making this bag.
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