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Fiberific!: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Arrivals!!

There are a couple of new arrivals here at Fiberific! It is all very exciting.  I was hoping to have them in time for the Queensland Spinners Chrismtas Fair.  I had a lot of fun at the Christmas fair.  Chatted to heaps of people about spinning and ixchel fibres!! The event organiser was running about taking photo's and she sent me this.  So I thought I would share it with you!

There was another pic, a bit more candid, but as it is my blog... I can show what I want lol.

Back to the New Arrivals.

On Wednesday, I received a parcel from the SpinOlution boys!! I now have a new drive band for my Hopper and also the wheel and strap kit for the Mach 3.  It will be much easier to get the big boy out there to show you all how awesome he is!!  If you would like a test spin on the Hopper or the Mach 3, just drop me an email, and we can pick a date.

Then this morning another parcel came... from ChiaoGoo!  I now have in stock the Spin Bamboo Small interchangeable set. It comes in a gorgeous zip case with a front pocket.

The case is has the needle sizes printed on it. And space for more tips!  The case can hold both small and large sets.

Spin Bamboo Small (2.75, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5) set $80.00 plus postage
Spin Bamboo Large set (5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9, 10) set $80 plus postage
Spin Bamboo Complete set (both large and small needles combined) $140 plus postage

Kits include
Cables (35cm, 55cm, 75cm)
Needle gauge
Stitch markers
keys and cord ends

And also 24" Flexible Bamboo Hooks! Perfect for Tunisian crochet are here.
Sizes and prices are

$5 plus postage
4, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8mm

$6 plus postage
9, 10, 11.5mm

Well there are more ChiaoGoo Products on their way, including a refill of the Nostepinne and Bamboo Crochet hooks!

Please, feel free to email me on chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au if you have any questions.


Saturday, November 24, 2012


I know I am sorry.  I have no real excuses, I have been a bit under the weather and completely forgot... I was even reminded yesterday and still forgot to do it! I hope you can forgive me!

So On with the week!

Earlier this week I made it into the new studio of Biggan Design, for a Swedish inspired Christmas Lunch.  It was amazing so many yummy things, it was very hard to be restrained, but I did try a bit of everything... I think.... And I must head to Ikea to do some food shopping this week... the Swedish Chirstmas Drink is sooo yummy.... Dryck Julmust... must have....and there was a Cheese.... I don't know what it was called but I will find it and I will EAT IT ALL!!! So nommy creamy yet still a bit zingy LOVE IT!  anyway enough about food... I am getting hungry just thinking about it.... who wants to meet me at Ikea Logan this week???

I realised that I have not been putting up many garden pics of late... We have some really yummy things coming up, we have been eating gorgeous beans in 3 different colours with our salads this week as well as vietnamese mint, hot oregano, basil, garlic chives and common mint, adds such a nice crisp flavour to the salad.  Oh man I am still talking food... Maybe I should have had breakfast before I started typing today lol...

Abbie's garden has been growing great guns!! She has some gorgeous mini sweet capsicums coming, I can't remember what colour we planted but they are fruiting!!!

I am afraid that all the cherry tomatoes are going to ripen all within the same week.. Lets say that I might be up for some trading with the neighbours...

and my first ever go at watermelons,  I have planted 2 different varieties, Moon and stars which has a red flesh and Cream of Saskatchewan which has yellow flesh.... and the first to fruit... the Cream of Saskatchewan..

ok ok so it has a looooong way to go before we can eat it, but it would be awesome if it was ready in time for Christmas! The cherry tomatoes are about 4 times the size lol....

Alright enough about food already lol!!

I have been busily getting some pretties ready for my stall at the Qld Spinners Christmas Fair on Tomorrow at 12 Payne Street Auchenflower, Queensland 9am til 2pm.  Fiberific will be outside under our new Gazebo!    Fingers crossed it does not rain!

The Qld Spinners Christmas Fair has stalls selling all kinds of handmade gift ideas and spinning, knitting, crochet and weaving supplies! Perfect place to go Christmas Shopping!!

I have some new colours in the Fiberific! Mohair Nests.  25g for $6




Sea spray

Available also will be a large collection of Stitch Markers
5 for $10

Fiberifc and Ixchelbunny Badges
$2 each

On display will I will have the Hitchhiker and Road Bug Wheels from The Merlin Tree and Mach 3 and Hopper from SpinOlution!  And a Great selection of Ixchelbunny Goodies!!

Come over, say Hi, have a spin and chat!!!


Sunday 25 Nov 2012
9am to 2pm

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This week is done.....

Since the last time we chatted, I have been to Highfields Spinners and Weavers camp and also been down to  do a talk and demo with the Gold Coast Spinners.  I have dyed A LOT of mohair and now Abbie is obsessed with mohair as much as I am, she is always on my case to make a new colour. She now realises that patience is most definitely required in the washing and dying process.

So why don't we start with The Highfields Spinners and Weavers camp.  I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to Karen for all her help!  It was my first run with tables and trellis'.  I will certainly allow more time for set up when I don't have such a wonderful helper around!
My awesome Helper Karen still working....while I take pics....feeling guilty much...

The Wall of Colourful Awesomeness!

Highfields is a gorgeous town not too far from Toowoomba, and the spot for the camp was gorgeous! Overlooking bush and gully's I wish I had more pics!  But I was having too much fun spinning and enabling everyone!  There are more people in the world who have touched cashmere fling! If you haven't yet gotten your hands on some of this pure pleasure, then you just better do it!!  It had previously been very dry, but they got some much needed rain while we were there.  I even had a lame attempt at taking a photo of the fog as I went to go to bed on Saturday night.

said lame attempt...

In stock I had lots of gorgeous Ixchel fibre combo's including the divine Cashmere Fling and the King of the lofty, Angorino!  It was the first offline showing of the Chiaogoo range as well.  Lots of Bags by Carla and plenty of Stitch markers!

I got all the way there and was setting up the wheels only to realise that I had snapped a driveband on the SpinOlution Hopper, so he had lots of pats but no test spins!  It was the wheel I had planned to spin on over the weekend, so I had to choose another wheel, it was a very hard choice, but I went with the Road Bug Double Treadle, It was my first real long spin on one and I loved it! I spun one of the decadent Cashmere Flings, and also started on another blend, the BFL Kid Mohair and Angora, it really wants to be Laceweight!!

BFL Kid Mohair Angora

Cashmere Fling

So after a much eventful weekend I got in my brum and drove home via Spring Bluff where Karen Made me eat a whole piece of Caramel and Macadamia slice... Karen is a bad influence on me and I would never have eaten that if she hadn't have made me......not... no pic's of this decadence thank goodness...

Since I have been home it has been washing and dying and combing mohair.... have a look at all the pretty colours... Pics taken by my Abbie

I think I should let her take the pics more often!!

Amongst the washing a dying today, I have been hard at work on the website.  I can't imagine it will be toooo much longer. Was a good day to not be outside, it got quite warm here today Hit 31 degrees C.

Events coming up!

Fiberific will be at 

QSWFA Christmas Fair 25 Nov 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

One More Sleep!

Thats right one ONE more sleep until I head on up to the Highfields Spinners Camp! I am sooooo looking forward to it!  I have heard so many nice things about the Highfields spinners and I can't wait to meet them all!

Trying to keep my excitement under control has been hard but working on this guy sure did help! Don't you love how spinning helps to keep you calm! I love it!  I finished off the Navajo Bunny from Ixhcelbunny that I have been working on. Spun it colour section by colour section, then I Navajo plyed it to keep the colours together!
This is 100g/approx 285m I would say a 4-5ply

I have also been playing with my combs....again!! I think I have become a bit hooked on mohair, I love combing it into fluff puffs and pulling it out into roving and curling it up into a cute nest! We wont go into how much I LURRRVE Spinning it!  So I blended some white with some dyed dark grey and made a yummy silver roving nests

Then a package arrived.... filled with Raw mohair from Kimberly at the Mohair House! it was so gorgeous I just could not wait!  When I opened it I thought...hmm I thought I had ordered white, but when I washed it I realised...

 I did order white, what a transformation.  So I played with some white, then I wanted BLUE so I dyed some blue, this mohair takes the colour so beautifully.  I now can't wait to comb up some blue!

So lots of things coming to camp with me, A HUGE pile of Ixchel Lovlies including so many colourways of the Navajo Bunny Blend that I just can't decide on my favourite. Fiberific! Stitch Markers! Both locks and rings, ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles, crochet hooks and nostepinne.  I will have Bags By Carla! Both small and medium in some seriously cute fabrics! Kits from Biggan Design.  And finally a few 25g bags of Mohair Nests, hand combed by me!

Bags By Carla



Biggan Design Kits

If I don't see you at camp, maybe I will see you at the Christmas Fair!!!

p.s  I am still working on the website, in the meantime, if there is anything you would like please email me at chantelle@fiberific.com.au

Fiberific will be at 

Highfields Spinning camp 9-11 Nov 2012
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners 14 Nov 2012
QSWFA Christmas Fair 25 Nov 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Lead Up!

Only 1 week til the Highfield spinners camp!  And I am really excited!  Look at my over use of exclamations!!!!!!! see...excited!!

I have been a busy busy bee getting everything ready and working out how to display it all so it looks pretty. And I realised that over the last few weeks, I have been looking at gorgeous spinning and touching completely heavenly fibres...and yet... I have spun nothing. So this week I could cope no longer and I dug out the spinning wheel and made some space amongst all the the goodies that are getting ready for camp and did some spinning!  YAY ME!

Do you remember when I made the floofly clouds of mohair back in late August with the hand combs I got for my birthday....

They started as

to this

to this

and now it is this

Approx 125m and 25g.

I have enjoyed this process so much!! I can't wait to see what it will become!

I have even begun spinning some pygora!! YUM!!

While I was packing all the bags of gorgeous fibre for camp and was so restrained.. so very restrained, but then I came across a delicious braid... I swear I think it was taunting me to spin it... so I gave in and I have begun spinning one of Ixchelbunny's  Churro Bunny braids (90% Navajo Churro 10% Angora)  I am loving it, completely loving.  I have a nice pile of this in a lot of different colours all packed and ready for camp!

both the colour and the feel!

My plan is to navajo ply it, I don't really know what I will make, but I am sure it will be warm and pretty!

The big shop announcement for this week

ChiaoGoo Needles are now in stock!

I am not going to bombard you with 20 million photos, I will however link my Flickr account which has some pics.

In stock we have

6" Stainless Steel Dpn's sizes 0-11 (2mm - 8mm)
40" Red Lace Circulars sizes  0-11 (2mm - 8mm)
40" Bamboo Circulars sizes 0-11 (2mm - 8mm)
Metal Head bamboo handle crochet hooks sizes 16-J  (0.6mm to 6mm)

if you would like more information on these or any other items, please contact me on chantelle@fiberific.com.au


Fiberific will be at 

Highfields Spinning camp 9-11 Nov 2012
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners 14 Nov 2012
QSWFA Christmas Fair 25 Nov 2012