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Fiberific!: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Majacraft Madness, I have it!!

I have been working behind the scenes, and can now officially state that Fiberific! is the Queensland Majacraft Dealer!!!  Yay!!  It has been a long road but we are here! I am planning out my first order lots of drive bands and hand combs and other fun bits and bobs, but also 2 new wheels to play with! Now as I am writing this blog, I have received an email from Majacraft informing dealers of a price increase on January 1st, 2014.  I don't know what sort of increase this will be.  So if you have been thinking of a Majacraft wheel, I really would suggest getting your order in before the 4th of December if you want to guarantee 2013 prices and delivery before Christmas.

Little Gem $865                                                                                            Suzie $925

Pioneer $545                                                                                                  Suzie Pro $965

Rose $1055                                                                                                     Aura $1100                                            


I have been busy playing in the colour pots too!!!  I was included in my first ever showcase, which was very exciting for me!! Hand dyed yarns in colours inspired by Australia! I had such a great time, and I really want to thank the organisers!!! I am going to start working on some colours inspired by Christmas soon, I won't be on the standard red green and white bandwagon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tadpole Silk
100% Silk 2ply contruction
1000 yds (914m) /100g
Postage is $2 vacuum sealed up to 300g, or $7 not vacuum sealed.

Oceans Edge Green tones 100g $35

 1 left

Peach Sunset 100g $35
 1 left

Lemon Skies 100g $35
Sold out.

Oceans Edge Blue Tones 95g, 94g $32 each

Well I had better get back to it, a lot more silk to dye, colourways to plan for the Christmas Showcase, needles and hooks to price.

Events I will be at!!

Last camp of the year!!!!!
Highfields Spinners Camp
8-10 November 2013

Beginner Crochet Workshop
17th and 24th November
Contact QWSFA for details

If you would like to order anything from this weeks blog or previous blogs, you can contact me on chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au.  Or PM me on https://www.facebook.com/Fiberific.
Payments accepted via Direct Deposit, Credit card and Paypal

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Procrastablogging, you know when you should be doing something else but blog instead.  I should be doing some loads of washing and tidying the house up, but I don't wanna.  I will tell you all about my inner brain tanty instead.

I have been having a great day, heaps of dying colour tests, and patting the new silk yarns that arrived today! I am planning on having some silk ready for the Highfields spinners camp in November!  So I was procrastadyeing hehe.. I am gonna have fun with this.

I have some very fine cobweb weight silk that I am going to start dyeing to sell with my mohair nests, I dyed up a few of those last night.  They are going to have a little test run at the Toowoomba Spinners camp that starts TOMORROW!!! I know I have to do some washing so I can have some nice clothes to wear LOL.  It will all be good, I don't have to leave here til about lunchtime and packing up Exxy has become really fast, I can go from Pyjamas to done in about 45 minutes, it is crazy!

I have realised something, I am that person who never takes photo's while I am out doing things, I don't have any photo's of Bribie Camp, it was amazing, and I had such a gorgeous time, perfect weather too! I even had a walk along the beach.  But no photo's I was too busy talking to people and crafting and having a fun time to remember to reach down into my handbag and take a pic.. I don't think I even have any dodgy phone photos.

So here I am procrastablogging, now that I have tidied up after procrastadyeing, I think I will go do some procrastacombing!  Need more pretty mohair nests!!

Events I will be at!!

Toowoomba Camp 
3-6 October  2013

Highfields Spinners Camp
8-10 November 2013

Beginner Crochet Workshop
17th and 24th November
Contact QWSFA for details

If you would like to order anything from this weeks blog or previous blogs , you can contact me on
chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au.  Or PM me on https://www.facebook.com/Fiberific