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Fiberific!: October 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Having a Good Time!

Now firstly I want to say that I am very sorry for forgetting to blog last week!  I was off at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair.  I really thought that I would be able to fit in a bit of a chinwag and let you know how much fun I was having..... but my body was against this plan, and made me go to bed.

So the Craft and Quilt Fair was fabulous! There was heaps of people!  I talked so much I thought I was going to loose my voice....but I didn't, I let lots of people have test spins on both the Mach 3 and the Hitch Hiker.  I think there may even be a few people who pull their wheels out of storage and give them a once over and get back into spinning!

I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to the Awesome Jenny King and her team of cohorts... thats right you lot are cohorts, for inviting me to come and play..ahem...display at the Craft and Quilt Fair.  I realised when going through the camera, I don't really have much in the way of action shots! I think I completely forgot to take pics when people are about!

So I am going to show you some sneaky before the doors are open shots of the Jenny King Designs Stand!

First look when you come around the corner!
The view from my seat....

The evil wall of silk! I am still watching you purple one on the end.....

And for the Fiberific corner of AWESOME!!

Poor Me...I had to sit next to the Noro.... it was terrible...but from here the purple silk of evil could taunt me.
I won purple silk...I did not buy you...but I will.

Well that was last week...what has been happening this week.  Well funny you should ask that... I built myself a light box for taking photo's in.. Its pretty good if I say so myself.. but you can be the judge..  please whatever you do...don't judge the lights, was the best I could do without going to the shops!

I used the said light box to take pics of the all new


All markers are $2.50 each or 5 for $10 
Shipping is $2 within Australia.  International orders will be quoted individually.

I don't know about you, but I love stitch markers and the quirkier they are the happier I am!  All the markers  can happily fit on needles up to 8mm.. you can squeeze 9mm at a pinch.
I have used silver tone stainless steal findings and jump rings. 

Lets start with something a bit Halloweeny..ooooOOOOoooo...

Ghosty Skulls! (22x20mm not including rings)

Happy Skulls (13x10mm not including rings)

Bitty White Skulls with Neckrings! (10x10mm not including rings)

Bitty White Skulls (10x10mm not including rings)

And now for those of us who like cute things......

Teeny Butterflies and little flowers! (flower & butterfly approx 15x10mm not including rings)

I'm gonna eat you little fishy...(19x11mm not including rings)

Crop Circles in the Stars!  (15x15mm not including rings)

 Spinnerzzz in Da House! (20x10mm not including rings)

To order email

If you think this week was big...you should come back next week there is even more new stuff coming!!


Fiberific will be at 

Highfields Spinning camp 9-11 Nov 2012
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners 14 Nov 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

News Just In

I know that this is a little out of the Ordinary, a Friday Night blog.  But I have some news that I just had to share.

Fiberific will be at the Craft and Quilt show, I will be hanging out with the gorgeous gals from Jenny King Designs!  So if you would like to have a test spin of a SpinOlution Mach III or a HitchHiker, come along and say hi, push me out of the way and steal my seat!  Go On!

details.... details!

October 17-21 2012  
Wednesday to Sunday
Open 9am – 5pm daily

Brisbane Exhibition Centre
Halls 3 & 4, Cnr Glenelg &
Merivale Streets, Southbank

Hunt down the Jenny King Designs Booth and then look about for the spinning wheels, I will either be spinning or rolling about in the gorgeous yarns that Jenny has to offer!!  I see Marigold Silk in my future!

(gratuitous pics of spinning wheels I am taking to the Craft & Quilt Show...you know you want to pat them)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introducing the SpinOlution Hopper!

Well this week has been awesome and Crazy! I like these kinds of weeks, where its Thursday before you know it!  And that could possible be why the blog is so late today.  I am very sorry, but I have been playing.

The newest member of the Fiberific Family arrived this week, the SpinOlution Hopper!  It is very easy to get sidetracked with such a pretty and fun wheel about!

So without further ado, I introduce you to The Hopper.

SpinOlution Hopper
$969 including Shipping

With many requests for a travel wheel that was able to use the Mach Bobbins, Mike and Kris sat down to come up with something unique.
This wheel is set up for novelty yarn as its standard setup. But can happily do it all!


  • Length: 18.5 in (at the treadle)
  • Height: 20.5 in
  • Width: 16 in (at the flyer front to back in the open position)
  • Width: 7.5 in (front to back in the closed / storage position)


  • Ratios: 10 X Range: 1.5:1 to 22:1
  • Orifice Height: 21in
  • Weight: Around 12lbs (5.5kg)
  • Quick Bobbin Release
  • Interchangeable Bobbin with Mach
  • Easy to use tension
  • Stable base with rubber feet
  • Includes 3 bobbins!
If you have any questions about the Hopper or any other SpinOlution or HitchHiker wheels,  or would like a test drive, contact me at chantelle.hills@gmail.com

I don't know if the pictures convey how much fun these wheels are, but it really is super quiet and a lot of fun!

Like I was saying before I got completely sidetracked with Hopper Goodness, it has been mental here!  I am loving it, organising lots and lots of things... You see, I am working on a website, that is right, one of these days there will be a place where you can go and click on things and BUY them. Cool Huh!  So one day and not too far away I hope, you will be able to type www.fiberific.com.au and not get and under construction message.  Don't worry I will tell you when it is live... I will make a big song and dance about it! But in the meantime I am gearing up for lots of events coming up. I am getting a great list of awesome products and nifty bits and bobs to pack into the car.  Fiberific is heading off to the Highfields Spinning Camp, November 9 to 11 2012.  Then the QSWFA have their Annual Christmas Fair  Sunday 25th November.  I am really looking forward to both of these events!  Hope to see you there!  So far on the list we have

* Ixchelbunny Fibres and Yarns
* The Merlin Tree Wheels, the HitchHicker and the RoadBug
*SpinOlution Wheels, The Mach III and the Hopper
*Project Bags by Carla
*Fiberific Stitch Markers
and if we are very lucky and some parcels arrive in time, there will be more surprises!!! I love surprises, don't you???

Well it is getting late and I really would like to be crochet something before I hit they hay tonight.
Happy Spinning!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Growing and stuff....

Last weekend was huge here in the Fiberific Household and Garden.  We set up whole new beds with new soil and mulch, planted goodness knows how many seeds into seed raising trays, we also made some mounds for Moon and Stars watermelons, Cream of saskatchewan watermelon and Ananas Rockmelon.  I have not grown melon's before so it will be a good one to keep a watch on.

I had a big surprise yesterday morning, I wasn't feeling great, I had dropped DD of at school, and had come home and made a cuppa.  I decided I wanted to sit in the sun, so I go out the front door and I was just going to sit on the garden edge and drink my cuppa.  But when I went out, one of my little cactus' that I thought was well dead, had a little surprise for me.

This sight certainly lifted my saggy spirits!  I still felt sick, but was happy instead of gloomy.

When I was doing the rounds giving things a little drink this morning I found that some of the seeds I had potted up on Sunday have already sprouted after only 4 days! I didn't even know that could happen!

These guys are my little Red Pak Choy! I love Pak choy and can't wait til they are eating size.  DD also noticed some movement in the Cucumbers!

They are coming!!!! Cucumber Mini Munchers, DD has a real thing for Lebanese Cucumbers, we just can't seem to buy enough of them, I certainly hope we can grow enough!

So anyway, Not feeling great and haven't really had a good head for concentration.  This means, not much in the way of crafty stuff has been done around here this week.  I have been newly inspired today buy a gorgeous pattern on Ravelry called the Holden Shawlette this is not a new pattern and it looks like a lot of people have made it, but I only saw it the first time today!   I have been fighting the urge to cast on... As you may have noticed, I have a bad case of startitis, I love to start new projects before others are done which means, I have a LOT of wip's lying about the place!

And not just knitting and crocheting Wip's either I currently have 2 spinning and 1 weaving wip also.  I need more arms and legs!

Yesterday I set up a Spinning Wheel Display, I am still waiting on one more wheel to make its way from the US but there will be room when it gets here.

So I am still playing with this, but have you noticed, one of these things is not like the others?
Thats right tucked in the back behind the HitchHikers and RoadBug, is a SpinOlution Mach III.  I am loving having this wheel here, it is solid (and HEAVY) I would consider this one an at home wheel, but it spins like a Dream and it is truly SILENT and the Bobbins are HUGE!!

SpinOlution Mach III $1195 including shipping
some specs.

Introducing the brand new and improved SpinOlution Mach III spinning wheels with three bobbins that hold approx 8 ounces each. There are many new and wonderful improvements to the wheel.

* T-shaped wheel support
* Improved tensioning system, easier to remove and replace
* Treadling system has been modified so that the wheel is much quieter.
* Open spoke wheel construction

The magnetic orifice bar is still present and there are five speeds. The wheel is available as a standard set-up or art yarn set-up (your choice for an additional $150 with one bobbin or $235 with 3 bobbins.)


Weight: 22 lbs.
Height: 32 inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Wheel size: 24 inches in diameter, 1 1/2 inches thick

FIVE SPEEDS: 1:3. 1:5, 1:10, 1:15 and 1:23

Made of furniture grade birch plywood, well sanded and finished with a clear lacquer. The wheel has an open orifice as well as two toe brakes for easy stopping and shielded bearings so requires no oiling. This wheel is very stable and AMERICAN MADE.

If you have any questions about the Mach III or any other SpinOlution Wheel please contact me at


It is time for me to be off! Time to make tea, and help with homework, you know the other job lol!

Get your Spin on!